Inuka Business Loan

This is a working capital loan meant to help clients start a new business, upgrade or expand the existing one.
To be eligible one must:
•Have a Kenyan ID
•Be a member of a registered group without a criminal record.
It has four cycles before one graduates to individual

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Green Energy Loan (Solar and Jiko)

A loan product that helps rural clients to access affordable renewable energy products on credit

Our Suppliers include:Burn, Marathoner and Sunking

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Masomo (School Fees) Loan

This is an educational loan aimed to cater for client’s and there family members education.
We help our clients to pay school fees for their children or to children they are responsible for.
The cash is payable to school account unless one proves otherwise.
One Must provide a collateral and a school fees structure.

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Agribusiness Loan

This is a loan to support small scale farmers involved in agribusiness. We support a wide range of agribusiness activities

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Pamoja Loan

A loan given to a group and serviced by the group members.

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Emergency Loan

This is a loan meant to cater for client’s emergencies; for non -business emergencies the clients must provide a proof that the incident is really an emergency

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Individual Business Loan

This is only for clients who have businesses with good cash flow

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Asset Loan

This is a self-securing loan product for the financing of movable assets. It offers great flexibility and helps applicants free up cash by enabling the

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